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International Services From Verizon Wireless Keep Customers Connected

More than 220 destinations for voice calling; more than 175 destinations for global data connectivity; 24-hour customer support; and a unique-to-the-industry relationship with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest wireless carriers, means Verizon Wireless customers get the best of wireless while traveling internationally. Added to this state-of-the-art global service portfolio is the new USB1000 Global Modem from Novatel Wireless, which gives customers high-speed data connectivity whether in the U.S. or beyond its borders.

The Verizon Wireless USB1000 Global Modem can be ordered beginning Friday in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores. The USB1000 Global Modem joins a host of sophisticated global devices that include the BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone and the HP Mini 1151NR netbook. Verizon Wireless global devices use the latest technology for multiple frequency bands and multimode operations on CDMA and GSM networks. Customers can browse the Web, access the Internet, download files, and send and receive e-mail wirelessly whether they are on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile or in Paris on the Champs-Élysées.

The Verizon Wireless portfolio of global services includes:

GlobalAccess is available either as a monthly plan or a pay-per-use plan. GlobalAccess Monthly Plans start at $129.99 monthly access, offering a 100 MB allowance in 31 select destinations ($0.005/KB after allowance) as well as access in the U.S. and Canada (5 GB allowance in the U.S. and Canada and $0.05/MB overage). Additionally, for $219.99 monthly access, customers can have a 200 MB allowance in 31 select destinations and a 5 GB allowance in the U.S. and Canada with the same rates for overage as the $129.99 monthly access plan.

GlobalAccess Pay Per Use must be purchased with a 5 GB monthly allowance Mobile Broadband service plan in the U.S. for $59.99 monthly access. The Pay Per Use rate is $0.002/KB in Canada, $0.005/KB in Mexico, and $0.02/KB in more than 175 other destinations. Verizon Wireless’ GlobalEmail Plans begin at $20.00 monthly access when added to a Nationwide Email Plan. Corporate e-mail and Web access is available as are data only plans for $64.99 and $69.99 monthly access respectively.

Source: Verizon


Added: 06/18/2009