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Verizon's First LTE Handset Coming Mid-2011

In a recent interview, Verizon Wireless' chief technology officer, Tony Malone, indicated that the company will have a Long Term Evolution handset ready for the market by the middle of 2011. That's about six months sooner than Verizon had expected. Malone noted that the device won't be straight LTE only, but rather will combine CDMA and LTE chipsets and their inherent capabilities. Verizon Wireless plans to have LTE available in 25 to 30 markets later this year, covering about 100 million pops. Malone also made comments about the future of unlimited data plans. "As much data as you can consume is the big issue that has to change," he said. "It's one thing to say all you can eat is gone. It's another to have consumers worrying, 'Can I stream this radio?' That's what we don't want."

Source: Phonescoop

Added: 03/10/2010