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CHARGE Anywhere® And Verizon Wireless Announce Mobile Payment Processing Solutions For Business

CHARGE Anywhere® LLC, a leading provider of secure mobile payment software and mobile payment gateway services, announced today that it has furthered its relationship with Verizon Wireless by offering a new Verizon Wireless billing option. This new billing option provides qualified enterprise customers with the convenience of having services, such as CHARGE Anywhere’s, billed to their Verizon Wireless bills. CHARGE Anywhere offers business customers the technology to accept and process credit and debit card payments from their Verizon Wireless phones.

“It was important to us to provide our customers with a first-class mobile payment solution and streamlined billing process,” said Rose Kirk, vice president – enterprise and government distribution and operations for Verizon Wireless. “Not only is centralized billing convenient, but it gives Verizon Wireless customers – enterprise, medium and small – a secure, reliable mobile credit card payment solution.”

Paul Sabella, CHARGE Anywhere’s president and CEO, said, “CHARGE Anywhere is proud of our relationship with Verizon Wireless, and we are excited to offer mobile payment technologies for Verizon Wireless’ Android™, BlackBerry®, and Windows Mobile® devices.”

CHARGE Anywhere® is the perfect point-of-sale (POS) software for any merchant conducting business within a mobile environment, transforming any Verizon Wireless smartphone into a complete wireless credit card terminal. The CHARGE Anywhere® mobile payment software can be downloaded over the air to customers’ phones, making installation, set up and updates easy for any business.

Printing customer receipts and collecting card swipes is a breeze using optional hardware such as a Bluetooth® printer with integrated card reader. The CHARGE Anywhere® mobile payment software solution helps merchants receive the lowest possible credit card processing rate and provides the best possible customer experience. Sales receipts can also be printed or e-mailed at the POS, making business transactions easier than ever before.

Being Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) validated, CHARGE Anywhere® mobile payment software eliminates the need for merchants to worry about the safety of credit card data within the mobile payment application. PA-DSS validation ensures that payment applications are developed using strong encryption and prohibited from storing cardholder data including PIN, CVV2 or magnetic stripe information.

“With each order, Verizon Wireless business customers will be getting a complete payment card industry (PCI)-validated mobile payments solution,” said Sabella.

“CHARGE Anywhere® understands the strategic importance of listening to our customers and making mobile payments as easy and convenient as possible for Verizon Wireless clients. Therefore, the billing charges for the CHARGE Anywhere® mobile payment software solution will be reflected on the monthly Verizon Wireless billing statement,” said Marty McMullian, vice president of sales at CHARGE Anywhere®.

CHARGE Anywhere’s® mobile payment software solutions are winners of the 2009 Best of Interop – PCI Security Solution and the 2009 Electronic Transaction Association Technology Innovation Award.

Source: Verizon

Added: 03/23/2010