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Verizon to Supply AirSage with Wireless Signal Data

Verizon Wireless has agreed to supply AirSage with its wireless signaling data to help AirSage better calculate and determine real-time traffic information across the U.S. AirSage will take Verizon's raw data and use its own Wireless Signal Extraction (WiSE) technology to analyze, predict and report real-time traffic conditions on U.S. highways, interstates and other major thoroughfares. This deal will quadruple the amount of raw data AirSage uses to make its predictions, which should allow it to provide even more accurate results. According to AirSage, the data coming from Verizon's subscribers is anonymous, so no one's identity is at risk. Products such as Google Maps and Real Traffic use AirSage's traffic data in their own mapping products.

Source: Phonescoop

Added: 07/14/2009