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Samsung Rogue From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless and Nuance Communications, Inc., today announced that the new Samsung Rogue™, exclusively available from Verizon Wireless, features innovative speech capabilities powered by Nuance Mobile. Samsung Rogue users will not only be able to access and launch a variety of applications and services with simple voice commands, but they’ll also be able to dictate their text messages – further setting the Samsung Rogue apart from other mobile phones on the market today.

Designed with today’s avid texter in mind, the Samsung Rogue from Verizon Wireless provides users with the ability to launch and dictate a text message with their voice, the most intuitive and natural interface. This sleek phone built for messaging also comes equipped with a full touch WVGA AMOLED display, which results in one of the brightest and clearest displays on a mobile phone in the U.S.; a horizontal slide out, four-row QWERTY keyboard; threaded messaging; and one-touch access to popular social networking widgets including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Photobucket. Its soft 12-key screen also features Nuance’s T9 predictive text input for those moments when manually typing a message is more appropriate.

The Samsung Rogue message dictation feature is made possible by Nuance’s VoiceMode speech-to-text technology. VoiceMode is an automated dictation solution that is optimized for mobile phones and quickly converts the spoken phrase into text, transcribing messages more quickly than typing.

The voice command and control elements are powered by Nuance’s trusted, pervasive VSuite speech recognition framework. Samsung Rogue users are able to add, edit and manage their phonebook, access their stored music playlists and make phone calls with easy, spoken commands. Users can also launch various applications that can be quickly accessed and opened by saying “Go To,” including;

And more.
“The Samsung Rogue from Verizon Wireless is a texter’s dream. It features a beautiful design that gives them the best of both worlds in messaging – voice dictation, a slide out QWERTY, and the soft 12-key keypad with predictive text,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “Dictating messages is simply faster than typing them, and today’s mobile user demands the fastest and easiest means of communication possible. By working with Samsung and Verizon Wireless, we’re bringing to market true innovation in mobile messaging.”

Source: Verizon

Added: 09/08/2009