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Verizon Wireless Rolls Out Group Calling Service

Verizon Wireless today introduced Group Communication, a new tool that can be used by families or other organizations to contact up to 20 people at once via phone call, text message or voice message. Verizon is offering two different versions of the service. Family Group Contact provides a 1-800 number that when dialed will automatically connect up to 20 lines. The Family Group Contact can include Verizon Wireless numbers from any account, plus one non-Verizon account line. It costs $5 per month and is accessible by any one in the group. Group Contact is the second service, and it is aimed more at small businesses. It offers organizations seven different call groups of 20 lines each, and includes wireless, wireline and international numbers. Each group would have its own 1-800 contact number. Group Contact costs $7 per month.

Source: Phonescoop

Added: 06/08/2010