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Verizon Wireless To Offer Trimble Outdoors Off-Road Nav

Trimble announced the availability of its off-road navigation software, Trimble Outdoors, on select cell phones from U.S. wireless operator Verizon Wireless. Customers get trip planning software, off-road navigation and journaling tools for outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing and hunting.

Trimble Outdoors is available on more than two dozen GPS-capable phones from Verizon Wireless, including the rugged Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type-S (Casio) and G'zOne Boulder (Casio), and Motorola Adventure V750, as well as popular phones such as the LG Decoy and Samsung SCH-u550. Verizon Wireless customers can purchase the Trimble Outdoors application directly on their phones for $5.99 for a monthly subscription or $1.99 for one-day use purchase.

Source:GPS Business News

Trip Planning Software and GPS Navigation
Customers can pre-plan and review their trips online using a powerful map-based trip editor or using the Trimble Adventure Planner™ desktop software. Complete guided trips, routes, maps and waypoints can be sent wirelessly to customers’ cell phones, turning the phones into full-featured GPS navigators.

While on their adventures, customers can use their cell phones not only to navigate, but also to get maps of their locations, track routes with a GPS breadcrumb trail, and mark and edit waypoints along the way. A digital compass displays customers’ coordinates, speed and heading.

Multimedia Journaling Tools
The combination of the Trimble Outdoors application and Verizon Wireless’ multimedia phones creates ideal journaling tools for outdoor activities. Customers can use their wireless phones to take pictures and record audio on their journeys and tag each with their GPS locations. Customers can then share their adventures with friends and family by uploading photos and videos to for complete trip journaling.

In addition, customers can browse an online library of professional and user-generated trips; customize trips done by others; and get maps in topographic, street and aerial view.

“Now that GPS is becoming ubiquitous in wireless phones, customers are looking for a variety of ways to take advantage of the technology, including using them for outdoor adventures and recreation,” said Larry Fox, business development director, Trimble Outdoors. “Trimble Outdoors provides an incredible opportunity for Verizon Wireless customers to plan trips, experience the outdoors, and share rich GPS tagged multimedia content using the phone they carry with them every day.”

Source: Verizon

Added: 01/29/2009