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Mobile Web From Verizon Wireless Now Optimized To Give Customers Access To More Full-HTML Web Sites On Their Wireless Phones

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading wireless service provider, announced today that customers who visit Web sites on their mobile phones using Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Web service will now be able to get to the same sites they visit using personal computers and enjoy a similar experience on their mobile phones. The new Optimized View for Mobile Web, enabled by technology from Novarra, gives customers access to the majority of Web sites in full HTML view, regardless if their mobile device supports a full HTML Web browser.

Verizon Wireless customers who were previously unable to view certain Web sites or Web images on their wireless phones because of certain restrictions and limitations can now access almost any Web site quickly, giving them the ability to better enjoy and interact with those Web sites.

Customers can visit the same Web sites on their mobile phones as they do on their PCs, including e-mail, social networking, news, sports, e-commerce and blog sites, and now enjoy more functionality and a more complete view of those sites. With the new technology, which runs on the nation’s most reliable wireless network, Web pages typically will load on wireless phones in an average of less than 10 seconds.

“We recognize that customers want to have access to their favorite Web sites on their phones. We have incorporated the technology that allows for an optimized view to keep our customers informed and entertained no matter where they are,” said Colson Hillier, executive director of product management at Verizon. “Combined with the nation’s most reliable wireless network, Optimized View allows customers to enjoy virtually any Web site available on Mobile Web with this fast and improved service.”

Optimized View utilizes Novarra’s Vision™ platform for mobile Internet and multimedia and allows customers to browse the majority of full HTML sites by optimizing Web sites to take advantage of the unique capabilities of each Verizon Wireless cell phone. The Optimized View technology works automatically when customers visit a Web site using Mobile Web. Software upgrades or application downloads are not necessary for customers to be able to view and experience full HTML Web pages. Optimized View also provides Web site owners with the ability to opt-out and users with the ability to turn off optimization.

Unlimited Mobile Web usage is included with a $15.00 monthly V CAST VPak subscription, which also includes access to V CAST Video, V CAST Music and Media Center/Get It Now® applications. Alternatively, customers can access Mobile Web for free with a Nationwide Plan but will incur usage charges of $1.99 per megabyte.

Source: Verizon

Added: 02/16/2009