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Verizon Wireless Field Force Manager Helps

Field Force Manager has been helping business customers improve productivity, reduce operational costs and increase revenue since its inclusion in the Verizon Wireless business application lineup in 2006. Companies such as NiSource, a distributor of electricity and natural gas, use Field Force Manager to manage and dispatch employees whose assignments are outside of a traditional office setting.

This turnkey wireless solution allows NiSource’s supervisors to improve operational efficiencies and overall productivity of its 1,500 field employees. NiSource is able to provide faster service to nearly 2 million customers within the high-demand energy corridor stretching from Ohio to New England.

“Verizon Wireless’ Field Force Manager is important for accurate dispatch of service technicians and construction crews and for emergency response,” said John D. Taggart, field performance analyst for NiSource. “In the event of a gas leak, Field Force Manager helps assigners determine which team members are available and within close proximity to the scene, so they can dispatch workers quickly and efficiently.”

Verizon Wireless is in the process of enhancing this award-winning service so future customers will also be able to depend upon Field Force Manager 3.1 for features such as:

Starting at $15.00 per month, Field Force Manager 3.1 adds features and functionality to all current Field Force Manager product packages and is available on a wide variety of handsets, including the clamshell MOTO™ VU204, the rugged Push to Talk-capable G’zOne Boulder™ and the sophisticated BlackBerry® Curve™ 8330 smartphone.

In addition to Field Force Manager, Verizon Wireless offers a host of business applications and solutions for many industries – from distribution, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare to retail, professional services, government, and public safety.

Source: Verizon

Added: 08/11/2009