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Apple Details iOS 5 Features for iPhone

During the keynote address at its WorldWide Developer's Conference, Apple today provided details about what iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users can expect to see in iOS 5. Apple called it a major new release, with 200 new features and 1,500 new APIs for developers. A significant change to iOS 5 will include a revamped Notification Center, which offers all notifications accessible from a drop-down shade (similar to Android). Notifications can appear here from apps such as email, the calendar, stocks, weather, SMS, Twitter, and include animations and alerts. iOS 5 will include a new lockscreen that contains a better view of notifications. iOS 5 adds a new application called Newsstand, which will be a way for newspapers and magazines to sell content to iOS users. Newsstand can download new issues/content in the background, so it is always up-to-date. iOS 5 adds native Twitter support across the platform, such as the camera, photo library, Safari, YouTube, Maps, and contacts application. iOS 5 makes changes to the Safari web browser, including an easier-to-read format, a Reading List for saving articles (syncs across iOS devices), and full tabbed browsing. Another new application is called Reminders, which serves to help with note-taking and other repetitive tasks, This app will be location aware, and can trigger alerts based on user location. Changes to the camera application include a lock-screen shortcut to the camera for faster access, the volume up key on the iPhone will become a physical shutter button when in camera mode, pinch-to-zoom will work instead of the slider for zooming in on subjects, and iOS will be able to perform edits on photos, such as cropping, red-eye reduction, and enhancements. The mail application gains rich text formatting, indentation control, better message search, message flagging, and support for encrypted email. iOS 5 also adds support for PC-free syncing: users will be able to buy iOS-based devices and activate them without the need to hardwire sync with a PC. Software updates for iOS devices will also be performed over the air. iOS 5 ushers in iMessage, a new, BBM-style messaging service for all iOS devices that encompasses texts, photos, video, contacts, group messaging, and more. It includes features such as delivery receipts, read receipts, and it works over 3G, Wi-Fi, and is encrypted. Other features include more multitasking gestures, iPhone mirroring on TVs, and more. iOS 5 will be available in the fall.

Source: Phonescoop

Added: 06/06/2011