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Developers: The Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center Lab Opens

From CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2009, Verizon Wireless took another step in delivering on its promise of collaborative innovation over the upcoming fourth generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) network with the opening of the lab at the Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center. In addition, the wireless leader also introduced a virtual LTE Innovation Center where device developers can access an online portal to discover support services for participants at the Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center and directly communicate with Center engineers.

The Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center will be a catalyst for delivering new and innovative devices that connect people, places and things wirelessly using next-generation LTE technology, and providing tools for participants to rapidly develop non-traditional products and solutions within Verizon Wireless’ wide array of LTE technology and product enablers in various fields, including consumer electronics and appliances, healthcare, security and telematics.

In addition to designing and testing products in a functional LTE lab environment, participants in the Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center will have the support of the wireless leader’s resources to enable matchmaking with various players in the ecosystem, obtain technical expertise on device-network integration and ensure a best-in-class user experience.

Roger Gurnani, senior vice president for new products and services at Verizon Wireless, said, “The Innovation Center is designed to drive innovation and help foster creative solutions using LTE technology, which in turn will help in building a broad ecosystem of devices in tandem with the aggressive deployment of Verizon Wireless’ 4G network. Establishing a strong virtual presence will significantly enhance our ability to nurture a greater number of ideas than would be possible solely through our dedicated lab facility.”

The company previously announced that the physical LTE Innovation Center – comprised of the lab and experience center – will be located in the Boston suburb of Waltham, Mass. The experience center of the LTE Innovation Center is anticipated to open in the first half of 2010.

At its virtual home (, device developers can get information about:

Device developers can also apply online to be a participant in the Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center.

Source: Verizon

Added: 10/05/2009