OtterBox - EasyGrab Cable Bundle Lightning & Audio Connector Cable Space Speed

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Key Features

Give your kid autonomy and made-for-them convenience with OtterBox Kids Cables. Specially designed just for kids, cable ends are easy to grip and have large tactile surfaces that are just right for small fingers. Both cables are proven durable, made of a thick, anti-tangle, anti-fray, stretchy cord and coiled for ease of use and convenient storage. The audio cable fits into the audio port at a right angle flush with the device to protect the tablet port and decrease the likelihood of broken headphones. Both cables have the proprietary reinforced strain relief that’s bend/flex tested 3,000 times under rigorous conditions proving it withstands how kids use cables. We’ve developed a 360° design approach just for kids. OtterBox Kids EasyGrab Tablet Case, OtterBox Kids Power and Audio Connector Cables and OtterBox Kids Blue Light Guard Glass Screen Protector with Antimicrobial Technology work together seamlessly giving your kids an unprecedented set of tools designed specifically for how they stay connected. Give your kids independence and enhance their tablet experience with OtterBox Kids accessories.

Weight 3.2 ounces
Height 1.18 inches
Width 3.94 inches
Depth 3.94 inches