Gadget Guard 2 oz. Greener Cleaner

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Key Features

You want to keep your device clean, but you don’t want to trash the earth in the process. At Gadget Guard, we get it, and we appreciate your consideration for our home planet. So, we’ve gone to great lengths (to California to be precise) to develop the Greener Cleaner, an eco-friendly screen and Guard cleaner that is non-toxic, alcohol and ammonia free, and comes in recyclable packaging with a non-aerosol bottle. Rest assured though, our antimicrobial microfiber cloth is still tough on the nasty stuff your phone meets on a daily basis. The Greener Cleaner from Gadget Guard. Proving again that Safe (and Responsible) Can Still Be Sexy ™. Includes: 2 OZ Bottle of Greener Cleaner and one premium anti-microbial microfiber cloth.

Weight 0.275 ounces
Packaging Dimensions
Packaging Height 7.5 inches
Packaging Width 3.5 inches
Packaging Depth 1.75 inches