Gadget Guard iPhone 6/6s Plus Quick Draw Screen Guard (Case Friendly)

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Key Features

Imagine: Dodge City, 1879. Speed and accuracy count for everything in the Wild West. You have to make your first shot count because you may not get another. That still holds true today. We’re all in a hurry and we want things done right the first time.

The Quick Draw was the answer then and it is the answer now. This new, incredibly fast, ridiculously accurate and thoroughly innovative installation process will bring your screen protection to a whole new level (think Wyatt Earp on his best day).

Gadget Guard’s patent pending device and process, combined with our Ultra HD Original Edition Screen Guards put the competition squarely in your sights. The Quick Draw from Gadget Guard. Proving, once again, that Safe (and Quick) Can Still Be Sexy.

Height 6.22 inches
Width 2.64 inches