LifeProof iPhone 6 Fre Power Case


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Key Features

After a grueling climb, epic ride or monster set, your body and phone battery may be spent. But, the iPhone 6 battery case extends the action. Hit the power button, find your second wind and charge ahead!

To keep your display in pixel-perfect condition, FRE Power case for iPhone 6 uses a built-in screen cover. You barely notice that it's there — but you're glad it is when you head towards the great outdoors.

With Rapid Recharge and Auto-Stop Charge technology, the battery case for iPhone 6 powers up fast and preserves its charge. And, all these advanced feature fit into an incredibly compact case.

Every port, button and feature on your iPhone stays in play. Plus, FRE Power is outfitted with an optical-glass lens and Sound Enhancement System to ensure perfect pics and bumping beats.

Height 5.44 inches
Width 2.64 inches
Weight 9.6 ounces
Screen Protector Included No