Body Glove Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere™ II Flex Snap-on Case


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Key Features

But the Flex does much more than just protect your Samsung Stratosphere. It also dresses your phone in a material that feels comfortable in your hand. You handle your phone all the time, so it might as well have a nice touch. The hard shell is covered by a textured flex material that is easy to grip, preventing you from dropping your phone. And the best way to protect your phone is to not drop it in the first place. Another helpful feature of the Flex is its clipstand: a kickstand that is built into the clip. Sometimes, you want to set your phone down on a table but still want to be able to view the screen without having to hunker over the table. With the clipstand, you can view the screen at any angle you need to because it is adjustable. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. A removable clip knob allows you to slide your phone in and out of your pocket smoothly and effortlessly. Some cell phone cases have sharp edges that catch on the fabric of your clothing. The Flex doesn’t have that problem with its sleek, low profile. Make your Samsung Stratosphere at home in the custom-fit Flex with Clipstand today.

Height 4.97 inches
Width 2.58 inches
Depth 0.53 inches
Screen Protector Included No
Other Features Kickstand, Belt clip